EDUCENTUS: BM maxi notebooks for facilitated writing


The number of students with writing difficulties has significantly increased in Italian schools in recent years and this disorder can be detrimental to learning.

Hence the need to provide compensatory tools that support and help dysgraphic children at school.


We at BM have chosen to create a new range specifically for them with the EDUCENTUS maxi notebooks with ruling designed to foster simple, clear and tidy handwriting.


Educentus notebooks are useful for everyone, not only for those with greater difficulties due to dysgraphia and dyscalculia. This is confirmed by the fact that more and more primary school teachers are using these notebooks for the whole class seeing them as a valuable tool to easily become familiar with writing.


Why they are useful?


BM notebooks for facilitated writing help in organising spaces and understanding sheet orientation.


They have:


- light blue coloured ruling to guide the child in writing so that they do not get lost on the blank page

- margins highlighted in two different colours to help understand the beginning and end of the line

-  100-gram FSC quality paper to withstand repeated erasures and increased pressure when writing, without allowing ink through to the other side

- simple and clear instructions on how to use the notebook.





Six variations of lines and squares make them suitable for all subjects, types of writing and grades.

  • Ruling A - lines for first and second grade
  • Ruling B - ruling for third grade
  • Ruling C - ruling for fourth and fifth grade
  • Ruling Q - 5mm squares for primary schools
  • Ruling Q2 - 5mm squares for elementary with double space
  • Ruling 10 - 1cm square for first grade


BM Educentus notebooks are available in nine bright colours: red, magenta, orange, yellow, light green, teal, light blue, cyan and dark blue.


Click here to discover the entire range!

If you are a teacher and would like to use Educentus notebooks for the whole class, write to us at

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