With the BE MORE PLANET line, made with completely eco-sustainable and certified raw materials, you contribute to saving the planet!
A collection of notebooks, pads and archive products available in special colours, all inspired by the shades of nature. 100% plastic free and made in Italy!
Discover all the formats available and the stripes best suited to your needs. 
The patterns of the ecological notebooks recall nature. The colours are inspired by the different shades of our planet, from green to red.
The FSC-certified paper comes from forests that are managed in a controlled and responsible manner according to strict environmental standards. 
Combine simple and elegant aesthetics with responsible consumption: environmentally friendly notebooks are a choice for the planet, counteracting plastic consumption. 
Our plastic-free notebooks are the ideal eco-friendly choice for sustainability enthusiasts: these notebooks are a testament to our commitment to the environment. Each page offers a pleasant writing experience, guaranteeing the same quality as traditional notebooks. The durable cover protects your notes safely. By choosing our plastc free notebooks, you will help reduce your environmental impact and promote a sustainable lifestyle. A small gesture that can make a big difference in the world. Make your writing more sustainable and rely on the quality of our Be More Planet notebooks.