"Felici di imparare": thinking and designing the future of tomorrow

We are happy to share with you the new educational project of BM Be More: "Felici di imparare", wich translates to "Happy to learn" in english.

Our mission is to inspire and support the learning process of everyone, from younger children to older peoples, with innovative and creative tools. Every study moment becomes an opportunity to explore, imagine, and grow.

We are committed to offering high-quality products that stimulate curiosity and the joy of learning, contributing to the growth of future generations.

Felici di imparare, is the answer to the needs of students and teachers for making school a wonderful adventure to live.


Be More Kids is the first product of our ambitious educational project. In collaboration with Francesca Scaglione, known on social media as Maestrainbluejeans, we have created notebooks that bring joy and serenity to studying, both at home and at school.

The notebooks are available in 9 assorted colors and contain 4 pages full of exciting games and activities. The cover combines glossy and matte effects, has a colored spine, and a matte band for writing the subject.

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Educational Games for Children: Learning While Having Fun with Printable Drawings and Games

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