Notebooks for dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyslexia



Maxi notebooks designed for children with specific learning disorders (DSA). The A4 sheets in 100 gram FSC-certified paper guarantee maximum resistance. These notebooks allow you to erase several times, without worrying about folding or tearing the pages. Furthermore, the stroke of the pen or pencil will not show through even if you press hard on the paper. 
The notebooks are made in Italy and comply with the recommended requirements for compensating writing defects. Thanks to some colour references, the child can easily find his way around the page.
Thanks to the coloured lines and highlighted margins, the EDUCENTUS Maxi notebooks allow simple, clear and tidy writing. They are therefore perfect notebooks for dysgraphics and dyslexics, but can also help to accompany any child in learning to write. The layout is in fact designed to make it easier to write neatly, following a straight, well-defined line. The colours become a point of reference for the child, helping him to organise the space on the sheet and to respect the correct size of the letters and numbers. A blue margin indicates where to start writing, while a red margin indicates where to stop writing. The space in which to write is highlighted in blue.
Available in 6 rulings suitable for different subjects and school years. Browse the school catalogue of ruled and squared exercise books for dsa, for all primary schools classes.